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American Neolithic

American Neolithic In a starred Kirkus review American Neolithic was called a towering work of speculative fiction that will have readers rethinking what it means to be human America is a Police State Lite Drones patro

  • Title: American Neolithic
  • Author: Terence Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781936196340
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a starred Kirkus review, American Neolithic was called a towering work of speculative fiction that will have readers rethinking what it means to be human America is a Police State Lite Drones patrol the skies The Patriot Amendments have gutted civil liberties The Homeland Police and Patriot Tribunal have exclusive jurisdiction over all legal actions implicating natIn a starred Kirkus review, American Neolithic was called a towering work of speculative fiction that will have readers rethinking what it means to be human America is a Police State Lite Drones patrol the skies The Patriot Amendments have gutted civil liberties The Homeland Police and Patriot Tribunal have exclusive jurisdiction over all legal actions implicating national security Enter Blingbling, the last literate member of the sole surviving band of Neanderthals, sent into the world to earn money for his people, who live in hiding on Manhattan s Lower East Side After he is implicated in a hip hop murder, shadowy benefactors retain a lawyer, the hard boiled Raleigh When a routine DNA swab reveals that he fits no known human genotype, the Homeland Police take notice If Blingbling s true ancestry is disclosed, his people are in jeopardy Raleigh finds himself caught in a professional and personal trap that can destroy his client, his career, and much .Political satire, courtroom thriller, and speculative fiction, American Neolithic is also a story of loyalty, betrayal, and redemption Terence Hawkins has written a smart, dark, funny book that is ultimately deeply moving.

    • Unlimited [Classics Book] ô American Neolithic - by Terence Hawkins ✓
      454 Terence Hawkins
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    1 thought on “American Neolithic

    1. What a spectacular read. BlingBling has my heart. I am so grateful to Mr. Hawkins for giving me the opportunity to read this novel in its intended format(thanks again).Right from the beginning the writing flowed beautifully, making this an easy read.(Although the police state was a bitter pill to swallow). I became so invested in the characters and this book had me questioning my morals constantly. It's somewhat of a depressing read, but an important one as well.I wanted this novel to be longer, [...]

    2. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)The last book I read by author Terence Hawkins was The Rage of Achilles, a well-done novel but nothing too terribly groundbreaking (it's simply The Iliad rewritten with modern language and slang); so imagine my surprise after reading his latest, the haunting and flabbergasting American Neolithic, and realizing [...]

    3. Imagine that a small band of Neanderthals survives in contemporary America. Imagine also that after another terrorist attack the US goes even further to the right, amending the Constitution expanding governmental power and limiting civil liberties because of "national security" and that the Religious Right has gained even more political power, basically enacting the laws that they've been wanting to enact for thirty years. Now imagine the Neanderthals encountering that America. It won't go well [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this book. At just under 200 pages it is a nice, compact read, but it tells a bigger story about the direction this country of ours was teetering dangerously close to going down just a few short years ago. Indeed, there is no guarantee we will not ultimately choose that path in the future if the wrong string of events plays out. Fast paced and seasoned with just the right amount of humorously biting social commentary along the way, I could see this book appealing to a wide audie [...]

    5. American Neolithic is excellent! I couldn't put it down. Reminiscent of the works of Jim Harrison, Philip K. Dick, George Orwell, and Jonathan Swift, but projecting the author's unique voice, it presents a world that is sadly too believable, and describes with acid humor how America has changed in recent years. We view this world through the eyes of a lawyer who dedicated his life to representing the downtrodden, and the eyes of a Neanderthal, who made the mistake of trying to succeed in the hum [...]

    6. I really enjoyed American Neolithic. It's a wild, very edgy story and it's filled with a remarkable knowledge of the lower East Side and the world of its inhabitants. Quite a risky book, I think. The portrait of the Neanderthal is amazing and I was quite taken with the concept of the Nest, for which Raleigh risks his life. Some of the extraordinary scenes were the comic portrayal of Yale (77) "The seasons have sharp edges in college towns." and the great scene with Mario in the Astor Place Hair [...]

    7. This is one funny book. American Neolithic is speculative, dystopian, fiction written in a style that will have you guffawing out loud. If Joseph Heller, Dashiell Hammett and Gene Roddenberry made a baby together it wouldn't come close to what Hawkins has created here. This book is readable, smart, and a lot of fun.

    8. a sci fi a sorts, in where a representative neanderthal all round dolt but really, a sensitive guy, and hip hop dude of sorts gets busted by homeland security. lawyers are involved, and rich fat cats, and some inter-genera shenanigans happen. the whole premise could easily be applied to intra-species relationship to, to power, the pigs, and the home-tribe. fun , fast, thought provoking read,

    9. I would like to recommend American Neolithic, by Terence Hawkins, but what I really mean is that it should be on everyone’s required-reading list. It is a tour de force of how a story may be told in both a minor and major key. It proceeds from the outlandish premise that a Neanderthal in our midst has come to be represented in a criminal trial by a wise and witty attorney whose hangdog countenance is just the way he greets what we all should see of the surreal injustices of this world. It proc [...]

    10. "American Neolithic" connects, first, with a brilliantly written character voice, the cynical, funny, hard-bitten lawyer Raleigh, who's constantly being undermined by his attachment to impossible cases. In this book he's handed a doozy: an illiterate hair-salon janitor who's being framed for murder, in what at first looks like a high-profile case of hip-hop violence.It also connects through its setting in a near future where Patriot-Act suspension of civil liberties is enshrined in the constitut [...]

    11. American Neolithic is one of my favorite fiction releases this spring. There's a lot of great stuff going on in these pages and Hawkins pulls it all off well. The story is set in an alternate reality version of New York, where the Patriot Act has been passed and Homeland Security has taken control of the legal system. A Neanderthal (yes a real Neanderthal!) posing as a member of a hip hop group is framed for murder and his lawyer Raleigh takes on his case. As the lawyer gets closer to the Neande [...]

    12. A Free Giveaway!'American Neolithic' is a wonderfully strange and compelling story set in the not too distant dystopian future. What was great about the story was that by covering the same event from two very different perspectives, the reader is able to enjoy two very different, yet very fun stories.I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the jumps between the two perspectives worked great. The dark and almost sinister feel of the legal wranglings in a police state was well paced and gave a real out [...]

    13. American Neolithic is a highly inventive novel with unique and compelling characters. A scrappy lawyer, Raleigh, unwittingly takes on the murder case of a lifetime--representing a neanderthal who soon becomes ensnared in a judicial system over-run by oppressive laws. When the Department of Homeland Security discovers his client's DNA is not human, Raleigh takes on the system. Satire, social commentary, speculative fiction. It's all there. This is a great, fast-paced read that left me with plenty [...]

    14. A funny, inventive, and highly readable take on America's various forms of cultural and political madness. And a provocative meditation on our comfortable assumption that we humans are at the top of the evolutionary heap.I loved everything about Blingbling the Neanderthal and the other members of his "nest:" their chittering fellowship, their solemn rituals, and their abiding passion for Mocha Latte. Terrific fun!

    15. An amazing critique on the homeland security acts that Bush managed to have rushed through. The same loss of democracy has happened in Australia as well.

    16. The rating more reflects my feeling about the type of book this is than it reflects the quality of the book.It is fairly grimdark. Well written, just kind of depressing. Very much Not My Kind of Thing.If you like books set in how the world could have gone if our post-9-11 paranoia and surrender to security kept ramping up instead of backing off after a bit, then you might like this.I got this for free from in exchange for a review, insert standard boilerplate here.

    17. American Neolithic proves that great stories don't depend on a great many words. Hawkins' second novel was an extremely fast read, not only because it's on the shorter side of most contemporary novels, but also because the pacing is so good. I read this book in the midst of the acrimonious presidential campaign, against the rhetorical backdrop about the rise of demagoguery and fascist tendencies. As a consequence, Hawkins' near-future dystopia--with the de facto collapse of the rule of law--felt [...]

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