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Muse After a life altering tragedy during her childhood Mia Campbell is left with an incapacitating fear of crowds especially angry ones Now at eighteen with her final months of high school before her s

  • Title: Muse
  • Author: Maree Green
  • ISBN: 9780992501501
  • Page: 142
  • Format: ebook
  • After a life altering tragedy during her childhood, Mia Campbell is left with an incapacitating fear of crowds especially angry ones Now at eighteen, with her final months of high school before her, she only has one goal To remain unseen Jace Wallace is about to start living a rock star s life As lead guitarist for the newest internet sensation, Fighting Fate, he s roAfter a life altering tragedy during her childhood, Mia Campbell is left with an incapacitating fear of crowds especially angry ones Now at eighteen, with her final months of high school before her, she only has one goal To remain unseen Jace Wallace is about to start living a rock star s life As lead guitarist for the newest internet sensation, Fighting Fate, he s rocking the stage and a different girl every weekend, and that s the way he prefers it With the band s popularity about to explode to new heights, he doesn t have time for complications Or commitments He only has one goal To succeedThe only thing standing in the way of achieving their goals Each other.When unusual circumstances bring the two of them together, and one thing quickly leads to another, Mia finds herself proposing an arrangement she never thought she d ever consider A no strings attached relationship But when feelings start creeping in, and their one goal blurs to include another, they re both forced to make a decision.Sit back and take what Fate hands you, or fight for what you want.

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      142 Maree Green
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    1 thought on “Muse

    1. 2.5 StarsOverall Opinion: This was not what I was hoping it would be. I love the idea of a book having the couple fall in love in the process of their band being discovered and rising in fame, so I was certain that this was going to work well for me. It just all felt a little too immature for me. They were supposed to be college students and we had things like living at home with parents, discussing losing virginity with parent, and asking a parent to get them contraception. To me, all of that i [...]

    2. Very sweet story!!! Mia and Jace are an adorable couple - it is sweet, hot and has just the right amount of angst. HEA. Loved it.Edited to add- the only thing that bugged me about this book is the author is clearly not American, but writing about American characters. It is a huge pet peeve of mine when a book about Americans is filled with non-American words and phrases. We don't have a good sulk, we have a good cry. We don't ask, "How are you going?" we ask, "How are you doing?" There are many [...]

    3. Jake <3I don't usually read high school romance books but I have to say this one was awesome! I love how Jace was so into Miami that he did everything he could to protect her and help her through her anxiety issues it was really sweet. I also like how patient Jace was with her as sheed through her problems. it was such a good book I've read it more then once

    4. Loved that this a complete story, though continues with different storylines & characters. Enjoyed the read.

    5. Want to know if the whole series is worth reading? Read my overall review of the whole series at seriesousbookreviews! Spoiler Free!This book is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me--but I loved every minute of it. It was a lot of fun to read and I liked the plot. It was a good blend of other New Adult reads that I have read over the last year.I think it helped when I was reading this that I imagined the characters as older. They seemed like they should be in college with the way the acted at times [...]

    6. Look what I found on an unpublished blog post - my book notes on this book!:*Surprisingly, I really liked it! (Not sure why I was surprised about it haha maybe because this was a freebie?)*I didn't know what I'd think about it at first, especially considering how much sex there is from about page one. But despite the way it came about, the book manages to make it look like something good and okay (even though I still wish there would've been less sex scenes. I mean, the first 40% were basically [...]

    7. This did not work for me at all. I could not even finish it. It felt awkward from the get go and then the first time they actually talk, they end up having sex?!?!? I would not mind the insta-sex if I saw some kind of connection. Aiden is in Mia's brother's band. In the years that Aiden has come to practice in Mia's house, she has avoided seeing Aiden. Too shy or something. I did not get her reasoning. Mia and Aiden get stuck in a house when an avalanche hits. The night they actually talk for th [...]

    8. I am an avid rock romance reader so this one caught my eye. I wasn't sure when I began but it ended up being something that you would stay up until 2 a.m. reading. You had moments when you would have a few tears fall and then others where you may laugh out loud by something someone said. That makes for a good read.The only disappointing downside to this is that when I look at the next book in line it has nothing to do with rock romance. Don't get me wrong, I read the excerpt of Hush and it had m [...]

    9. Aww what a sweet story.Loved Mia and Jace, and all the other characters other than the obvious.Really enjoyed the storyline, my stomach nearly dropped through the floor at one point, I was just glad it all came back eventually.Sometimes I thought the characters seemed older than what they were, they was very mature for 18, I thought anyway.It was read from Mia And Jace's POV, I always love that in a book when we get into the heads of both main characters.The twintuition was a cool bonus between [...]

    10. This book is amazing. Such a great read. This is in my loved books section. I know I will re read this book down the track. The love story of Mia and Jace and the way he heals her heart is crazy good. More than a rockstar romance. This is a story to last a life time or more. Mia's story and the way you grow to love all the friends in this book. I can't wait to read more in this Fighting Fate. There are already friends of Mia and Jace I can't wait to learn what happens. Thank you Maree Green for [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. It just gave me all the warm and fuzzies. I loved it. I CANNOT wait for the next books. I really look forward to Kaeli's book and Aiden's. I went into this book just thinking that it was going to be boring and like a lot of the rest of the rockstar books out there, but I was really surprised. You could really feel like characters emotions and the author just wrote everything so well. I can't wait to read more by her!!!

    12. I likeI liked it but didn't love it . I was hooked in the beginning, Aspen, anxiety,and an avalanche equal a beginning to an hot and steamy relationship. The book was good and had a good details and characters but I feel as though it was extremely long drawn out book. Around the middle of the book I started to lose interest and for me that rare because I can finish a book in a day.

    13. Great bookThis was a good book.The plot could be real, that's why I liked it. The funny thing is in every book I read the couple are always having sex, but they never bring up that she has a period. In this book it was brought up and it might be dumb but it made the story more real.

    14. Absolutely loved this book. One of the best young adult books I've read in a long time. Great storyline with fantastic characters. Would have given it 5 but the last chapter ended so quick that I didn't even realize it was over.

    15. Holy SmokesOkay what I loved about this book. Can you say everything!!! I so liked how they jumped right into the good stuff so by chapter 2 I absolutely could not put this book down. A magnificent read for the price. On to book two.

    16. Disclaimer: I only got through maybe 20% of the book. And after the third gratuitous sex scene and the ten millionth or so swear word, I gave up.But if orgasming virgins and potty mouth rock band members are your thing, go for it.

    17. I was so surprised by this book. I was expecting a very light sweet YA story. But this book as so very well written, so captivating that I just could not put it down. So very well done. Great book. Highly recommend it!

    18. DifferentI like the best friends sister relationship because it's a deeper connection. The amnesia was a interesting turning point because it was so unexpected. I enjoyed the characters they were relatable.

    19. Fast-paced and edgy. I love the twintuition thing between Aiden and Mia. I love the drama and Mia and Jace's relationship. Sometimes they're really are a ton of beginnings, twists, obstacles and endings in every story. And that makes every story unique.

    20. Absolutely loved it Very well written, as if I was apart of the drama. Thank you Maree I can't wait to read more from you x

    21. Good New Adult Novel. A little to um, sexy to be considered YA. Yet it's a sweet story with HEA. So I really can't ask for better.

    22. 4 1/2 Stars Really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read Hush when it comes out. Definately worth a read to all avid readers of a good love story :-)

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