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Saving My Submission

Saving My Submission I never intended Joshua Lars the sexy as sin sculptor to be than a one night stand How was I to know his masterful hands and dominant command would wake the sleeping submissive within me Any of my fr

  • Title: Saving My Submission
  • Author: Jenna Jacob
  • ISBN: 9780988544581
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • I never intended Joshua Lars, the sexy as sin sculptor to be than a one night stand How was I to know his masterful hands and dominant command would wake the sleeping submissive within me Any of my friends would have said that Mellie Carson was an independent, successful woman who would never kneel for a man I d already chalked my one foray into surrendering my conI never intended Joshua Lars, the sexy as sin sculptor to be than a one night stand How was I to know his masterful hands and dominant command would wake the sleeping submissive within me Any of my friends would have said that Mellie Carson was an independent, successful woman who would never kneel for a man I d already chalked my one foray into surrendering my control up to na ve stupidity I was far too smart now to do it again or so I thought Then came Joshua Determined to resist his powerful draw, I tried to forget him, but Fate and a killer had other plans Now, in Joshua s arms, I might be safe, but I fear my heart isn t Can he save my life while saving my submission

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    1. I have to start off with just WOW. Jenna Jacob is the one of the many authors that I would set everything aside and delve right in as soon as she has a book that releases. The Doms of Genesis series just goes beyond the simple BDSM type book. Fantastic story line that has the reader immersed into the story and emotionally connect with the characters. Lots of sensuality, laughs, and on the edge of your seat excitement/action.Saving my Submission is very fitting for this story. We are introduced t [...]

    2. Back to GENESIS we gowhere the Doms are deliciously seductive and the subs are fiercely sexy! Right off the bat, Ms. Jacob takes us on a scorching hot, kinky, angst ridden thrill ride. In Saving My Submission, Jenna Jacob does what she does bestking us weak in the knees with the incredibly explosive chemistry she creates between the two main characters. A big grin spread across my face after reading the first couple of pages! Instantly, we experience that explosive chemistry between the sheets. [...]

    3. Such a powerful store of finding self worth and protecting one's heart from the fear of anther heart break, both his and hears.

    4. Sometimes as a reader, you get lucky and come across an author that impresses and a series that amazes you with each new chapter. You know what I’m talking about - the series that becomes an automatic purchase and an author who pulls you in emotionally and doesn’t let you go until the final page. Well Jenna Jacob and her Doms of Genesis series easily falls into that category. So you know when the fourth installment, Saving My Submission, became available that I was one-clicking that book.The [...]

    5. Saving My Submission is the fourth book in the Doms of Genesis series and focuses on Mellie Carson, sister to Savannah from book two if you’ve been following the series. Mellie is an independent career woman, an interior designer who travels the world sourcing product and making her high powered clients happy. She heads to Chicago, home of her sister and Club Genesis, on business and meets Joshua Lars, master sculptor. Sparks fly as soon as they lay eyes on each other and a one night stand of [...]

    6. Shadow‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewshadowThis was a great read, exploring the effects of a bad breakup on a submissive woman. It is the fourth book in the Doms of Genesis series.Mellie was an independent woman, who had built a life for herself without long term relationships for the past several years. Then she meets Joshua Lair, known at Genesis as Master Stephen, a Dom who brings out her submissive longings. But her previo [...]

    7. 4 out of 5The Doms of Genesis has quickly become one of my favorite series. The fourth book, Saving my Submission, was a great addition to the series and did not disappoint. It was just as beautifully written as the previous books and the mix of emotion, action and sex scenes made this a must read for me. I really enjoy the camaraderie between the Doms and subs. Jenna Jacob does a wonderful job of showing how those in the lifestyle are a kind of family. This book gave us the story of Mellie and [...]

    8. The story of Joshua and Mellie is so heart warming, its just a wonderful book. I truly enjoyed Mellie, his strength and her determination is overwhelming. I would be proud to call her my sister any day of the week. Josh is wonderful as well. He is kind and caring strong, and way way super hot and sexy! Meillie has lost her will to submit. Mellie was very active in the DBSM world, until a dom took her collar and her heart away, and she has decided that she is going to give up the lifestyle so she [...]

    9. "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This is the fourth in the series, and I would recommend that you read the previous three to get context - although it is a very good book in its own right.Even though I had just read the previous books, I was for brief while confused as to the characters in the first chapter. However, it all becomes much clearer and the reveal is highly entertaining. The story is an interesting mix of drama and personal discovery. I think [...]

    10. There were so many amazing things in this book. The party. The Wedding.This book was just stunning. The action and adventure in this one made me feel as if I was right there. Everyone had a part to play and when there is a lot of characters in one time it is often hard to tell who is who but Jenna did a fantastic job. It was sexy scorching even! Master… Errr… Joshua sets the pages on fire with his Dominance and when the bratty sub challenges that well it certainly heats up! Overall this book [...]

    11. Freaking amazing again.Jenna never disappoints me. I was blown away again by the story and the passion in the book. I was so swept up in this story I didn't even see the ending coming. which I might add is mind blowing. after reading the book though I came to tears. the next story it of Trevor and "daddy". the Excerpt given had me yelling noI was crying for Trevor. If you haven't read Jacobs books start with book 1 they are a great group of friends from Club Geniuses and every story is worth the [...]

    12. Loved this book and this series!! Your a dipshitiot if you don't- inside book joke!! The Doms of Genesis books, where the doms are hot with issues and the subs are sassy, fierce, smart and real (nit all size 2 barbie doll looking) and able to provide protection for their men. The journey of Joshua and Mellie has kink, suspense, and a great story and A MUST READ!!!! JENNA JACOB YOU DID IT AGAIN - YOU ROCK! !!!! I NEEDED A BUCKET OF ICE FOR THE COOL DOWN!! YOU? NOW PLEASE BACK TO WRITING

    13. I'll call this a 3.5 star read.Not my favorite in this series thus far.I was a tidbit bored for about 40%. Once the suspense factor kicked in it held my attention better.Mellie came across as bitchy and it turned me off and made it difficult for me to sympathize with her.I disliked some of the terminology used. For instance, "oozing" is not a sexy word, no sentence structure will change that fact 🤢.

    14. The Doms of Genesis Series by Jenna Jacob Outstanding series *****5 STARS*****Jenna Jacob is a new author to me and one who I am so happy to say I am honored to have come across. Reading and reviewing her books has truly been a joy to me. Rarely do you come across an author who can captivate her readers the way she has done with this series. Her ability to develop not only the characters but the scenes on the pages of her books is a true testament to her unique writing ability.I want to say that [...]

    15. This is the forth book in the series and they need to be read in order. Mellie is a strong independent woman. Mellie is also Savannah’s older sister. As you know from book two Mellie has some experience with submission herself. She comes to Chicago to visit her sister and to attend an art showing for a client. While attending Mellie meets the artist and has an evening with him. Only it’s not just sex he sees her submission inside of her. Something happened to make Mellie push down her submis [...]

    16. This is the 4th book in the series and it just keep getting better and better. I love that we get to catch up with the other couples and threesomes from the previous books and also what's going on with the members of Club Genesis.Mellie, Savannah's older sister, is a very independent woman who doesn't believe in commitments. She comes Chicago to acquire some sculptures for a client and to visit her sister and her 2 dominants. While visiting her sister, she attend Savannah's friend's bachelorette [...]

    17. ***WARNING*** This is a review of ALL FOUR books that are out in the series so far***I'd like to start off by sayingWOW. Jenna Jacob knows BDSM and knows it well. There are so many BDSM books out there at the moment. I’veread quite a few and I have to say that this series completely blew me away. Theauthor combines wicked hot sex with the perfect amount of suspense to create anintense look into the lives of several couples at Club Genesis. I believe thisis how BDSM should be portrayed…with a [...]

    18. Saving my Submission: Book 4 Doms of Genesis.I just loved Millie!! She made me cry a few times. Seems she had trouble finding her True self for a while. I loved Joshua!! He found the parts she had hidden. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. I recommend all the series.

    19. Mind blowingI loved this book ! It's packed with all kinds of twists and hot steamy scenes Jenna definitely out did herself with this one

    20. Saving My SubmissionAnother great book. I can't stop reading them. I love the humerus parts as well as the serious parts. I can't wait to read the next book.

    21. Dominance and submission genuinely had nothing to do with kinky sex, but everything to do with trust, faith and letting go.The statement above is the fundamental message in each of these amazing stories. Jenna Jacobs does an outstanding job of not only telling stories of two people finding their soulmate, she weaves in and masterfully conveys the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle and the multiple facets of how those that live the life mold it into what makes their relationship and themselveswhole. [...]

    22. Saving my submission (The Doms of Genesis #4) by Jenna Jacob4 starsM/F BDSM, eroticaTriggers: Bad relationship - semi abusive, kidnapping, attempted murderI was given this book for an honest review by Wicked Reads.Where to start? I enjoyed this story a lot. I liked that Sanna got her sister back, I liked that Mellie was able to find her submission again. I think that this series has grown on me, however, I did have one issue with the story, in general, but we'll get to that.Mellie is snarky, int [...]

    23. During Book 2 we were introduced to Mellie, Savannah's sister. We learned a little about her back story, but there is much that not even Sanna knew. The real reasons behind many of Mellie's choices come out in this book. She has many fears to overcome and when she spends the night with a dominant male her submissive side comes out to play. Once the submissive comes out again, it's harder to tuck her away a second time.This book was absolutely amazing and by far my favorite in the series. Why? Yo [...]

    24. SPOILER ALERT!!Review of Saving My Submission by Jenna JacobBook 4 in “Doms of Genesis seriesReview by R.L. BaileyGenre: Erotica/ bdsm5/5 Angel Wings for story5/5 flames for heatIn Saving my Submission, the latest in the Doms of Genesis series by Jenna Jacob, we get to know Master Steven, and Mellie, the woman who fights her submissive side tooth and nail. After a horrid experience at the hands of a bad Dominant, Mellie had thought she put away that part of her, the submissive part, forever. A [...]

    25. On a visit for a client Mellie found herself having one night with a famous artist and Dom calling to her submissive side she'd repressed so far down she was almost drowning in it. Visiting her sister in Chicago while on this business trip she had no idea she would run into Joshua again.Master Stephen, as Joshua is known by at Genesis, is not really surprised to see Mellie when she visits Genesis with her sister Savannah. Though Savannah didn't know Stephen and Joshua are one in the same. Thrown [...]

    26. * * * * * 5 Trusting Stars How far would you go to protect your broken heart?Mellie knew too well about loosing herself and being played by a fake Dom. After her horrific experienced she decided to play the one night stand card for a while and leave her old lifestyle behind. Being an interior designer she worked for high class customers she travel alot because of that she was forced to only see her only sister Savanna for a short period of times. Seeing her sister with not one but two Doms that [...]

    27. *I received a free copy to read & review for Wicked Reads Review Team*I absolutely LOVED this story! Jenna Jacobs has built amazing characters, and a hot club, in this series.Mellie, the sister of Savannah (book 2), is at an impasse in her life due to a psuedo-Dom hurting her 8 years earlier, she's sworn off the D/s lifestyle. Her career sends her to Chicago to an Art Exhibition, and to visit her sister. While in the company of her sister, Dylan, and Nick she starts realizing that her inner- [...]

    28. This was really a toss up for me on which couple was my favorite. I thought Book 1 was my favorite, but in swept Joshua and Mellie. There is a lot of drama in this book, but it is so good and keeps you on your toes with unexpected turns that I couldn't put it down. I read this book in one day. I couldn't stop reading it. I had to know what happened and who was behind it all. I will say I was a bit confused at first as to who was going to be the Dom in this story as we hadn't 'met' Joshua Well we [...]

    29. ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~I love this series and I have read each book. I was so excited going into this story. I am probably one of the few but this one just really didn’t do anything for me. It seemed like half of the book was mostly about Tony and Leagh and we already had their book. I think too much focus was on them. I will say, I was very pleased that the word TURGID wasn’t used as much. I loved the chemistry between Mellie and [...]

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