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Swallowing Mayhem

Swallowing Mayhem What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws This time the MC s are taking the war to the surface of Mars No shadows No hiding The old laws homosexuality is a death sentence w

  • Title: Swallowing Mayhem
  • Author: James Cox
  • ISBN: 9781772333848
  • Page: 132
  • Format: ebook
  • What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws This time the MC s are taking the war to the surface of Mars No shadows No hiding The old laws, homosexuality is a death sentence, women are for breeding, and dark skinned men as slaves, are going to be broken But the Outlaw MC has a rat among themTorrin is a prospect He doesn t have a biWhat if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws This time the MC s are taking the war to the surface of Mars No shadows No hiding The old laws, homosexuality is a death sentence, women are for breeding, and dark skinned men as slaves, are going to be broken But the Outlaw MC has a rat among themTorrin is a prospect He doesn t have a big problem with the way mars worked but that s because he s not just a prospective member Torrin is also an undercover peacekeeper His beliefs are thrown upside down because of one man, Mayhem The Sergeant at arms and explosive expert managed to break Torrin Now, this formerly straight peacekeeper has to deal with the attraction sizzling between them and tell the club about his lies The truth can hurt but for Torrin it may just get him killed.And while Torrin sorts out his new feelings for loving another man, the club plans to take this war to the next step Cup your junk, things are about to get explosive.

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    1 thought on “Swallowing Mayhem

    1. Pay attention to that title. More literal words were never spoken.This series is so great. It’s fast paced and the characters are memorable. Usually by book 5 in a series I’ve started forgetting the specifics of past MC’s, but not in this one. Their uniqueness in personalities and kinks has them branded in my feverish little brain.There’s a rat in the clubhouse and while it’s no mystery who it is from the beginning (or the blurb), being inside his head was pretty stressful and his stru [...]

    2. He'd probably kick my ass later or maybe spank it. Oh, I wanted to try that. *clears throat* I want you to try that too!! Mayhem and Torrin are so hot together. Thank God when Mayhem found out the truth he only kicked Torrin's ass a little bit. I wonder if Justice will ever be able to forgive him too.The War has started! Go Outlaw MCs!! Wexman must be stopped.Great read. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    3. This book moves forward quickly, lots of change for the MC's on Mars.The men enjoy sex in front of each other and there's a threesome.“I’m not having sex in front of all these guys.” “Yeah, you are and you’re going to fucking like it.”And yes there is a super sexy blowjob for Mayhem (view spoiler)[Yeah, it was Mayhem calling me. He grinned up. “Your time’s up. Come down and suck my dick.”Torrin learns how to suck Mayhem's cock“The trick to deep throating,” Prospect said as [...]

    4. Well we've arrived at book 5 of this sexy MC series and its Mark's turn to get his story. Mark AKA Mayhem (and boy oh boy, does he live up to his name) is Sergeant in Arms of The Outlaw MC of Mars, he's big, tough and loves his cigars! The fight for freedom and bringing down Wexmen is truly on. Life of punishment, chains and segregation is no longer going to be tolerated - the MC is going to liberate Mars! Of course, it's not that simple and there is the little matter of a "rat" within the MC fo [...]

    5. When Mayhem is a big hulk who can tear a person's head off, swallowing him may be easier said than done. This is the fifth book in Outlaw MC series. Full disclosure, I didn't read the first 4 books. The book can be read as a standalone because Mr. Cox does a good job of recapping the situation and building on the relationship between Mayhem and Torrin.In this world, the underdogs are the good guys in a dystopian world where the worst of humanity comes to fruition. Women are used for breeding and [...]

    6. The war beginsWow, what a read! I have found my favorite book in this awesome series, for sure!!Torrin is a peacekeeper being undercover for the peacekeepers. But living with the Outlaw MC he is shown what life really means in this times. How the government treats innocent people and declares women have no rights and black people haven't any worth but being slaves, keeps him struggling more and more. Falling for one of the meanest and biggest bada$$es within the MC isn't helping him either. Inst [...]

    7. Ok so with each of these books I fall in love with one of the characters but in this book I am in love with the couple that is Mayhem and Torrin! Torrin is undercover for the peacekeepers trying to get dirt on the MC to bring them down and get them all death sentences. What he doesn't expect to happen is to start to understand that the Outlaw MC are the good guys and the peacekeepers are the bad guys. Mayhem is tall, dark, and dangerous. Loves to blow things up and is loyal to a fault. Never pla [...]

    8. He's done it again!!! James Cox has given us another awesome look into the world of Mars and the rebellion. But you know what the awesome part was? This story is told, not by a MC member, but by the rat! So different, so cool and totally unexpected.Ok, to the reviewWe all know from reading the previous installments that Mayhem is the baddest member of the Outlaw MC. I mean, he doesn't smile unless blowing things up or being pleasured, so surprise surprise finding that he's smitten with someone. [...]

    9. The premise for this fifth volume is very interesting: we get to hear from the "rat", the guy who betrayed the Outlaw MC's plans to the peacekeepers. At first I was shocked to hear from Torrin, but I very quickly began to understand that he isn't just a peacekeeper gone undercover, he is a man who has always had his doubts about some of the Mars government's policies (like keeping black men as slaves). With the increased exposure to the MS's members, Torrin begins to doubt the official party lin [...]

    10. 5 Heart Review by DanHere we are on the fifth installment in the Outlaw MC Series by James Cox! There are only going to be a total of eight, so we have three more to go. I love this story and the excitement builds with each book. I would have to say that book five is my favorite so far. For some reason I really liked the story of Torrin and Mayhem. As the story goes along, we are also learning more about the history of the city on Mars, the Earth and what life is like in this possible future wor [...]

    11. Full reviewage on Prism Book Alliance®Ladies ‘n Gents, in this corner we have: Mayhem.Aaaaaaand in this corner, we have: Torrin.Already, there’s a twist, right out of the gate. I couldn’t help but grin in anticipation of the conflict (and possible sparks) to come.Aside from the twist itself, it provides an intriguing point of view from which this story is told. It’s almost like a fresh start with the benefit of prior knowledge, which lends built-in emotion and reactions. Well-played, Mr [...]

    12. I was going to wait and start this book tomorrow. However I read the first 1/2 a chapter this morning and just finished the rest of the book. It was THAT good! So far I have loved all the books in this series and this one is no different. Torrin and Mayhem are a perfect match for each otherTorrin speaks and Mayhem grunts more than speaks. When he does speakwell you'll have to read this book to see what I am talking about. Just like the ones before it, this book grabbed my attention right off the [...]

    13. This is book 5 in the Outlaw MC series, and the first one I have read. I now want to read the rest of the series. It's a cool sci-fi story about life on Mars, where liquor and homosexuality are illegal, women are scarce and used for breeding, and Black men are enslaved. Scarily this sounds like a far right utopia. I don't know if I'd call this a romance but more of an interesting relationship, that could possibly turn into one. I really enjoyed the action, it kept me turning the pages right from [...]

    14. 5 'Loved the forbidden nature of Mayhem and Torrin's relationship' stars.Cox definitely knows how to right some mighty fine hot scenes and his story and charcters have gripped me. I can't read them quick enough and am gonna die when I get to the end of the books I have cos I know it's not finished. Fuck Me!!They have to take Wexamn and his motherfucker government down NOW so they can rescue Liam.

    15. I think Mayhem might be my new favorite character. The sex scenes, sweet lord, I need a cold shower while drinking ice water. Yes. That hot! Swallowing Mayhem is the essence of sexy romance with a side of action and a dash of hot, inked bikers. A Must read!Full review here: thetbrpile.weebly/reviews/

    16. Well Torrin redeemed himself quite spectacularly. He was a hero in this book. But I must say Mayhem stood behind him like a pro. I loved the scene with Torrin, Tage and Beau! Want to see more of them like that. This is the longest book in the series so far. The war with the government is at its most brutal. Hopefully the war in equality win. And poor Outlaw needs his Liam badly.

    17. Fantastic! Not only have we got two great MC's who are hot and sexy, but this story is leading up to an all-out war. I can't wait for this series to continue.I don't think Torrin will be the only peacekeeper to switch sides. The pressure is building.James, your books just get better and better. Please, please keep writing.

    18. Wowwhat a dirty little pleasure this series is for me! I don't normally read fantasy/sci fi or whatever it's called but the blurbs got my attention and yes I'm hooked. So hot! Loving these menLooking forward to the next one!

    19. Another installment that made me smile throughout, and laugh out loud at times. Very interesting premise here with an undercover peace officer who has infiltrated the club, Torrin, and the Sergeant at Arms, Mayhem. LOVED the cigar kink. Lots of great one-liners and fun moments. This is a longer book, with more of a focus on the actual fighting and cause. I would love to see Torrin and the leader of the Underground MC make peace - maybe in a later book. And what is up with poor Prospect and his u [...]

    20. Mayhem in WarThe fight is on! The rat previously suspected is revealed to be the second prospect, Torrin. But in a sexual twist, Mayhem takes him as his lover. Torrin has long believed the peacekeepers were wrong and Mayhem's love is the final turning point. But then Torrin is shocked when he learns his former slave is Justice and Justice is not happy!

    21. My heart was in my mouth almost the whole way through this book. Damn that was intense and full of action and excitement. Gimme more!

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