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For Time & Eternity

For Time Eternity All Camilla Deardon knows of the Mormons camping nearby is the songs she hears floating on the breeze Then she meets one of them a young man named Nathan Fox Never did she imagine he would be so hands

  • Title: For Time & Eternity
  • Author: Allison Pittman
  • ISBN: 9781414335964
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • All Camilla Deardon knows of the Mormons camping nearby is the songs she hears floating on the breeze Then she meets one of them a young man named Nathan Fox Never did she imagine he would be so handsome, so charming, especially after Mama and Papa s warnings to stay away Though she knows she should obey her parents, Camilla can t refuse her heart But even Nathan s proAll Camilla Deardon knows of the Mormons camping nearby is the songs she hears floating on the breeze Then she meets one of them a young man named Nathan Fox Never did she imagine he would be so handsome, so charming, especially after Mama and Papa s warnings to stay away Though she knows she should obey her parents, Camilla can t refuse her heart But even Nathan s promises cannot prepare her for what she will face in Utah.

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      208 Allison Pittman
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    1 thought on “For Time & Eternity

    1. The author admitted that she browsed ex-Mormon websites and discussion boards for research for this book (as well as talking with her husband, who had been excommunicated from the Mormon church). It shows; this book is extremely biased against the Mormon faith. I am very offended with the way Allison Pittman portrayed Latter-day Saints, and I wish she'd looked to other sources besides the rantings of ex-Mormons for information.She flat-out called Mormons "liars" and said that Mormons consider Jo [...]

    2. The author is extremely biased against Mormonism. I don't necessarily believe it either, but it ruined the book for me.

    3. Was pleasantly surprised at this read. The story is about Camilla Fox a young girl who left a Christian home to marry a Mormon moving to the Great Salt Lake. Her life is filled with her family, teaching of the church, and other saints. She is content until a loss sends her into doubt. As she struggles with what she has been taught over the years her husband, Nathan is also struggling. Camilla's struggle takes her back to her Christian faith while Nathan's takes him deeper in the Mormon religion. [...]

    4. Terrible book. She has no idea what she is talking about. Instead of trolling the ex-Mormon websites, she should have included some research in an actual Mormon church. The fact that she did not is glaringly obvious. Poorly done, poorly written.

    5. For Time & Eternity, the first book in The Sister Wife series by Allison Pittman, was very interesting to me because I hadn’t ever read a Christian historical fiction novel about Mormon culture. Being raised in Utah, and married to an ex-Mormon, Allison definitely knows her subject matter. In this book, Allison writes about the Mormon marriage ceremony in great detail and I wondered how she knew so much about the “sacred” and secretive ritual. As part of her research, she spent time in [...]

    6. Have you ever read and book that you think is really important? I can't say that's usually (or ever) what I think when reading books but it sure is what I thought while reading this one. The book is a fantastic read, carefully woven by an adept writer. But the subject matter is just so important in this day and time.Camilla flees her strict God-fearing parents to follow a young man, Nathan Fox, who is part of a Mormon group going to settle in Utah in the late 1800's. Things work well for the cou [...]

    7. I picked this up when it was free on Kindle. It wasn't the sort of book I would normally read as it was listed as historical Christian romance, but I was intrigued by the early Mormon polygamist storyline so thought I would take a chance. I was pleasantly surprised. This certainly wasn't what I would generally term romance, it was more the story of a relationship and although there was a Christian element, it was more to do with the main character Camilla's upbringing and faith than any attempt [...]

    8. My only defense in reading this was that it was free on Kindle. The author is extremely biased against the LDS church. She says she went to forums and talked to many ex-LDS members. Um you really think that is your best source of information? She wrote the main guy, Nathan to be a huge egotistical jerk who only cares what God thinks of him. The LDS community that the main character lives in is full of crazy people who yell from the pulpit and outright and in from of everyone tell you your a sinn [...]

    9. This book by Allison Pittman was my favorite read this year. Seriously, I loved it! It was one of those books that I carried around the house with meevery few minutes mattered. I think my 3 year old was neglected for, like, 3 days when I was reading this book. grinI’m a pretty avid Historical Fiction reader and a Pittman fan, so when I heard that she was writing a book based on the history of the Mormon church, I was instantly intrigued. Two words consumed my mindPlural marriage! I have a h [...]

    10. Allison Pittman in her new book, "For Time & Eternity" Book One in The Sister Wife series published by Tyndale gives us an insight into the Mormon culture in a brand new and unique manner.In 1850 Iowa at the Deardon dairy farm and Camilla Deardon hears the Mormons singing from their camp nearby. Even though she is a Christian and her father warns her to stay away from them it is the music and the sound of the familiar songs that draws her to their camp. It is there that she meets Nathan Fox [...]

    11. I sped through this book in about 48 hours, and I'm not entirely sure what to write about it. I can't think of any flaws, but I think it'll take a while for the entire story to sink in. I don't often rush out and buy the sequel (student on a budget!) but I might just do that with this book. I adored Camilla's growth and her spiritual revelations felt so believable. Experiencing Camilla's growth alongside her and her struggles with the doctrine of her faith was both fascinating and heart-breaking [...]

    12. I really don't read much fiction any more, especially Christian fiction, which I have a general personal vendetta against - but because it was free on Kindle and about a topic I'm intrigued with at the moment (Mormonism), I gave it a read.It was interesting. In fact, I liked it more than I thought I would - it wasn't well-written, but made a lot of interesting points. I think the part that stood out to me most was the part where Kimana (the Native American maid) makes the point to the main chara [...]

    13. From my book review blogRundpinne. "For Time & Eternity is the first book in Allison Pittman’s The Sister Wife Series. I have been fortunate enough to review other works by Pittman so it was with eagerness I began For Time & Eternity. Pittman takes the reader back to 1850 Iowa where young Camilla Deardon is being raised in a devoutly Christian household and yet is lured to the sounds of singing, which would be the Mormons making their way to Salt Lake City. Pittman captures the emotion [...]

    14. I debated back and forth between two stars and three. The circumstances driving the plot alone deserve a good rating just because this is a fantastic set-up for some fantastic conflict, both internal and external. It's also in the story's favor that it's a love story, but not necessarily a romance (rare in the Christian chick-lit genre). Sadly, although I didn't overtly dislike the book, neither the writing nor the development rate three stars. I do, however, offer Pittman kudos for doing someth [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book quite a bit although my heart ached for Camilla. The author made my emotions come alive while reading and as much as this book made me frustrated, happy, anger, sad, warm and confused (i didn't understand mormon) it was an excellent read. I would recommend this book to any person that likes religious/Christian books. Even Mormon religion. Just prepare yourself for the ride and I can't wait to read the next book.

    16. I struggled with this book because I felt it got way too preachy. I understand that it is a Christian fiction book, but it was heavy handed. I have a hard time enjoying a book when the author is constantly interrupting the flow of the story in order to push her message. Perhaps the books later in the series are more refined, but I don’t think I will put myself through reading them to find out. The ending is very bizarre and doesn't fit with the retrospective aspect of the begining of the book. [...]

    17. This had promise-knowing the subject matter i tried to keepan open mind but seeing how the heroine changes in the bookmade this difficult to do. The plot itself twists and turnsso much that it becomes a strain to read it through. The ending well.felt like i was dropped off the edgeof a cliff with no warning.

    18. Well written, however the subject matter disturbed me. It's a take on a controversial part of Mormon history from an outside perspective (non-mormon)which I am always open toever, I didn't love the ending and was left feeling very unsettled. Then againI'm the fairy-tale-ending-romantic at heart.

    19. From my blog: books-camilleelise4For Time & Eternity by Allison PittmanI was lucky enough to snag this when it was a Kindle Freebie on . If you were lucky enough to get it too, I highly recommend you read it now!Camilla Deardon knows very little of the Mormons camped nearby her home, except that her parents have warned her to stay far away. And that her parents do not consider the Mormons Christian.Camilla, who is being raised in a very religious household, studies the Bible every night, and [...]

    20. Like how the author writes the story in historical form. It really captivates me because of the twists--I hardly recover. Awaiting for book two to be free, huhu.

    21. This book was a very quick read. It was intriguing and heartfelt. I was drawn into the characters and when I wasn't reading it, I was thinking about it. When I was looking at this book I read the reviews, like I usually do. It seemed odd to me that there was such a large contrast; there were mostly 4 or 5 stars, and 1 or 2 starts. Very few 3's in the middle. The 4 and 5's loved the book, said it haunted them. One reviewer even said she read the book a year ago and still remembered every detail. [...]

    22. Really interesting book about the early Mormon church and their beliefs. Love the author's first person POV voice. I find it easy to read and it makes the main character more relatable. Does end with a cliffhanger, so I will be reading the next soon.

    23. All Camilla Deardon knows of the Mormons camping nearby is the songs she hears floating on the breeze. Then she meets one of them—a young man named Nathan Fox. Never did she imagine he would be so handsome, so charming, especially after Mama and Papa’s warnings to stay away. Though she knows she should obey her parents, Camilla can’t refuse her heart. But even Nathan’s promises cannot prepare her for what she will face in Utah. (Product description from ).This story opens in 1850, during [...]

    24. Misleading and many things written are not in truth.I began this book enjoying the story line of two faiths in the same vicinity of area. The further I read, I discovered many things written about to not be as the truth in that time period and with the Pioneering time. I did finish the book but was left feeling very misled and confused at the scenarios being so far from the truth.

    25. Title: FOR TIME AND ETERNITYAuthor: Allison PittmanPublisher: TyndaleAugust 2010ISBN: 978-1-4143-3596-4Genre: Inspirational/historicalA group of Mormons are camping near Camilla Deardon’s family’s farm, and the whole town is in an uproar. They want this group of thieving cult members to move on, and the Mormons agree…soon. They are on their way to Salt Lake City, Utah. When Camilla is on her way to school one day, she meets Nathan Fox and she is smitten. He walks her to school—but steals [...]

    26. I read this book NOT knowing that it was a book encouraging Christianity. I thought it just so happened to be a romance with Christianity & Mormons as the background. In some sense, my misunderstanding caused me quite a great deal of disappointment because it focused more on the issue of "Christianity Vs Mormonism(?)" rather than just the emotional pain the main character was going through and it ended on such a vague note that i have no idea what happened to the woman -- did she go back to [...]

    27. "For Time & Eternity" is both a fascinating and emotional read - one that will be long remembered. Being written in the first person, it pulls you into the heart and mind of the main character, Camilla. She tells her story with both passion and great emotion, creating her to be both realistic and believable. She captured my heart from the beginning, with her honesty and spirit.The story begins in 1850 when Camilla is only 15 years old. She is innocent and naive and doesn't understand why her [...]

    28. For Time and Eternity by Allison Pittman is the first book in the Sister Wife series. Camilla Deardon is smitten by Nathan Fox from the moment she lays eyes on him and he swipes the cheese and milk she was bringing to her teacher. Although her parents have warned her to stay away from the Mormons who are camping outside of her small Iowan town, she can't stop thinking about this young man who is the first person to treat her as though she has true value. She runs away, almost without meaning to, [...]

    29. This was a well written book with a interesting story line. Camilla is a lovable character that you want to shake to her senses in the beginning and cheer her on in the end. Her book takes place during the 1850's early Mormon church history. The story follows her spiritual struggles after losing a child and while she is asked to give her approval so her husband could take a second wife. I really feel as though the author did hit home a lot of early Mormon beliefs and life in early Utah. As a Chr [...]

    30. I didn't really know what to think of this. I liked it, but at times it made me uncomfortable. I'm a Christian, but I feel uncomfortable when other religions start getting put down. I did learn a lot about the early Mormon church though and I suppose just the Mormon church in general. I didn't realize how many ways Mormons differ from Christians. I've always been interested in learning about other religions and cultures, so this did tend to keep my interest. This one also seemed a bit more "adul [...]

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